Integrate cash devices into your application in record time

Plug&Cash is the perfect solution to integrate cash-management devices into applications for bank offices and branches, retail locations, points-of-sale, etc.

Why Plug&Cash?


savings on development and integration time


Multi vendor

you can integrate any cash recycler or dispenser on the market


from your software platform (compatible with heavy applications: Java, C#, HTML5, Windows, Linux, etc.)


it is possible to obtain the solution's entire source code


Cash recyclers and dispensers


Plug&Cash is compatible with most cash recyclers and dispensers on the market. What is more, if you need to include a new device, Serquo takes care of developing the driver you need and transparently adding it to Plug&Cash, regardless of the operating system, following Xpeak standardization to access devices.

A complete application

Plug&Cash includes user cash withdrawal and deposit transactions, but it also has:

  • An electronic log on all operations
  • User profiles 
  • Cash loading and unloading 
  • Totals
  • Statistics
  • Cassette statuses
  • Silent alarm management
  • Control over opening the safe
  • Definition of calendar and hours of use
  • Multi-language and multi-currency y Multi-divisa 

Plug&Cash Box

With Plug&Cash Box, you can access all recyclers with no need to install software on PCs. Plug&Cash Box connects to recyclers with a LAN, USB or RS-232 connection, and automatically and transparently takes care of necessary driver updates. You can manage the devices from any office PC, or even from tablets and phones.


Is there a 100% HTML version?

Yes, Serquo is finishing the web version. Currently, only the Java version is available. 

Can P&C be customized and adapted to the Look & Feel of my application?

Serquo can adapt the style of the screens, colors, font, etc., to adapt as much as possible to your application. It is also possible to obtain the source code and for a third-party company to make the adaptations. 

What kind of drivers does P&C use to control the devices?

Devices are accessed with drivers that follow the Xpeak standard. Serquo has developed the drivers, but any company can develop their own and integrate them into P&C without issue. Our drivers are 100% developed in Java, so they can be installed in any operating system. 

Does it only accept euros?

No, P&C can work with any currency code, provided it is recognized by the device.

I need the application to use more than one currency at once. Is this possible with P&C?

Yes, P&C can configure as many currencies as needed, and as many as can be recognized at once by the device.

We have offices in different countries. How does P&C manage their different needs?

P&C is a multi-language application. Communication with the operator is based on the language of their operating system. Moreover, different calendars and hours can be set to access devices based on the zone they are located in.

Do I need software from each manufacturer to configure, load or unload the machines?

No. P&C includes all management tasks, with no need to install any additional software. 

Does P&C include cash management?

P&C merely shows the status of the cassettes, as well as the cash-load level, but individually. Upon request, P&C can connect to the client's desired Cash Management service. 

Does P&C comply with European Central Bank regulations?

P&C complies 100% with ECB regulations. Obviously, machines that are installed must be certified with the requirements set forth by the ECB. Moreover, P&C generates the statistics required by the ECB. 

Does it work with Linux?

Yes, in Java version, P&C can be executed on any operating system, such as Windows, Linux and MacOS. The web version can obviously be used by any device with a browser.

Can I execute the demo on any operating system?

No, the demo that can be downloaded on this page is only available for Windows. If you need to try it on another operating system, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

If I use the web version on a tablet or phone, how can I access the devices?

To access the devices, they need to connect to an office computer to a P&C Box, where the Xpeak Device Controller that communicates with each machine's Xpeak drivers can execute.

What is the P&C Box?

To access the devices, they need to connect to an office computer to a P&C Box, where the Xpeak Device Controller that communicates with each machine's Xpeak drivers can execute. P&C Box is a device that allows the P&C application to connect to the devices with no need to use a PC. This is a Raspberry Pi where the Xpeak Device Controller is installed, to execute the necessary Xpeak drivers. Your application, which can be developed with whatever technology you prefer, including a 100% web application, will connect to this device to access the recycler or dispenser functions. 

Does it also work with dispensers, or only with recyclers?

P&C is designed to be used with all kinds of cash devices, therefore including both dispensers and recyclers. Depending on each machine's characteristics, the application adjusts and will only allow the operations that can be executed.

Is this a multi-vendor solution?

Yes, P&C uses the Xpeak device access standard and works with any device on the market. 

If my device is not supported, how can I use P&C?

Serquo has developed Xpeak services for the most-used manufacturers and models on the market. If there is an unsupported device, any software company, including Serquo, can develop an Xpeak driver and P&C will recognize it without any changes to the solution. 


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